Marketing is the what unifies a range of business activities, such as promotion, distribution, advertising, and sales.

Balancing old school techniques such as flyer printing London and online marketing methods like Instagram or Pinterest PPC features an underlying art called visual marketing

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While visual marketing has been revolutionised by the internet and its possibility of offering GIFs and videos, marketing a product still follows many of the old school, static image rules.

This is why choosing the right art work helps you promote your brand and the products and services you sell. Good graphic design can carry your message much further.

Regardless if your audience is international or not, visuals are much easier to understand.

Visual content can support your written content, or carry the message all by itself because it catches eyeballs.

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A good image also grabs people’s attention. The stronger a visual is, the more your message and your brand will pop in your prospect’s eyes. Visual marketing can also take advantage of seasonal trends such as Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s day, Christmas, and so on.

It is a way to reinforce your brand around the theme of the moment and make your message relevant to that specific time of the year as well.


Visuals are also fast to be understood. Often, a picture can display how your product is being used, or the benefit provided by your service, and create the visual experience needed by the consumer to make their final decision to do business with your company.

Proper use of colours also helps to spread a sense of urgency, using yellow and red; calmness, with green and blue; or even a professional environment using greys, and so on, according to what feelings you are interested in raising in your prospects.

Depending on your niche, using authentic photos taken by customers with a simple mobile phone camera can give a great degree of authenticity, especially in comparison to plain stock images.

Ads, brochures, magazines, flyers, catalogues - think about the pros and cons of adding user generated content to your printed materials.

However, keep in mind that this is heavily niche dependent, so this strategy could work better for selling holiday packages than promoting a solicitor, for example.

Finally, remember the power of placing something physical in your prospect's hands. The act of having something physical in your hands helps increase sales conversions, especially due to more people spreading their advertisement budgets in the online space as well.